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With more than 20 years experience, Barry Lightfoot of Lightfoot Removals, is a trusted name in the Furniture Removals industry.

Here at Lightfoot Removals we pride ourselves in offering a First-Class Furniture Removal Service for Local and Interstate deliveries, including frequent services to Perth.

 Lightfoot Removals offers a service which is both timely and safe for your furniture and treasured possessions. 

Barry offers a Top-Quality service at a Reasonable Price and enjoys giving his customers complete satisfaction, so next time you're considering making a move, Call Lightfoot Removals and see how we can assist you transport all your valuables safely and quickly and direct to your door!

Lightfoot Removals is a family owned and run, fully Australian business
Family Business

This business is owned and run by the Lightfoot Family.


 Picture: Barry's youngest daughter arriving to her wedding in 2014 in Dad's Mack truck.

Proud Aussies!

Lightfoot Removals & Border Storage are run by proud, hard working Australians.

Across Australia

We can move you a few blocks or across the country.


Distance is not an issue for the professionals at Lightfoot Removals!

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